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With bright blue smiling eyes, Shane was born on September 15, 1997. Absolutely heaven sent, our 7th pregnancy and 6 years younger than his only sibling Corey, Shane had completed our happy family of four!

From the beginning Shane loved his brother “Coco,” his Binky, Na-nite (blanket) and rocking in his swing watching and laughing at “Happy Gilmore” over and over as we played euchre. So, he was called “The Party Baby!” Just like his mom, he never missed a good party and like his dad, he was always the first to fall asleep!
As a toddler, he would stand at our doorwall crying “My Boys, My Boys!” He didn’t understand how Corey and his friend Mitch could play outside without him. After many tears, the boys would come in, put Shane in his NASCAR walker and race him around the house timing their pit-stops. If that got boring, they would throw him in a playpen, jump in and stack toys on his head. Shane loved every minute of it! So attached to the boys, Pookie (Laura’s name for Shane) was once left behind at their baseball practice. “MISLAURA” had forgotten him, thankfully safe with coaches, he never knew!

At age 4, he insisted on riding the bus and going to Clear Lake Elementary with Corey. With backpacks in hand and many pictures taken, this would be their only school year together. Shaner (our nickname for him) was so excited! Shane was loved by his teachers, para-pros and noon-aides. They always commented on his wonderful smile and fabulous personality. Even his birthday treats made them laugh; pickles, salami and cheese. His classmates loved it!

In second grade, Shane created a story about a Prince. He had no idea it was a contest and he had won! He became the “2005 Winterfest Prince” at Oxford High School and escorted a 2nd grade girl. He was devastated. That cured him of being a great writer until 2007, when he lost his 6 year old cousin Kate (twin to Erik) to a brain stem tumor. Shane’s stories about Kate were amazing. He always showed tremendous compassion for her and others. Events like making his 1st communion at St. Joseph Church, the lemon-aide stand for Hurricane Katrina and walking a 5K for St. Judes Children's Hospital were so important to Shane. He made us very proud.

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Oxford Woods is where Shane grew up. It was the perfect place to raise a child! Shane loved all the bonfires, carving pumpkins, playing in the pools, jumping on his trampoline and always asked, “Who’s going to be at the party, Mom?” His favorite past time was our front yard baseball. Like Corey, he continuously changed the rules to his advantage at least 4 times per game causing many arguments. Basically, they cheated! But, our house was always filled with friends and sweet sounds of children, so it worked! In the fall it was front yard football and driveway hockey. In the winter it was sledding, snowboarding and building snowmen. Shane loved snowmen! He even drew an award-winning snowman chalk art that was displayed at the L.O. Children’s Art Center. This year he also created 2 pottery snowmen in his ceramics class.

Besides his Zap Zone, bowling and camo birthday parties, Shane’s yearly events included decorating Christmas cookies and Easter eggs. These memories were shared with Corey & Brittany Z., his cousins Kate & Erik, Mitch & Morgan, Anthony & Brittney B. and many other special friends. Shane would not let a year pass by without our family traditions! He looked forward to holidays spent with Corey, Grandpa Don, Grandma Pat & Jeff, Uncle Brian, Aunt Colleen, Kate, Erik and baby Jake.

Almost every year we spent spring break at Westgate in Orlando, FL. We visited Mickey Mouse a few too many times and would often have to drag our kids out of the pool to a Disney park. Shane just wanted to play putt-putt golf, basketball, tennis, swim, fit in some crafts, X-box or relax at the condo. But of course we insisted on visiting “The Mouse,” spending money and having FUN! Lucky for Shane, he also enjoyed a Disney cruise in 2005 and Corey’s senior cruise trip in 2010. Shane also traveled many weekends for Corey’s hockey tournaments. He was Corey’s biggest fan always running through the rinks and hotels like “The Party Baby.” K.O.A. and Silver Lake Sand Dunes were summer vacations with neighbors and friends. Year after year, Shane would climb the dunes, rest, run down, crash into the lake, rest some more and do it again! Shane loved riding on the dunes, but his favorite vacations were “REDNECK Weekends.” These were special up-north trips with his dad to Roscommon mostly planned by Shane with no electricity or bathrooms, lots of beef jerky and bonfires, sometimes a little hunting and 4 wheeling. Water and amusement parks were not his favorite. Although, I’m sure he would have enjoyed Cedar Point this year with his classmates as much as he did 8th Grade camp.

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Shane attended Oxford Middle School and acquired another nickname, “Turtle,” and became known for his Mickey Mouse voice. He liked the Texas Longhorns, Jimmy Johns, Gatorade and the colors orange and green. His favorite class was lunch. He was a happy, smiling, lightly freckled, bright blue-eyed and smart boy. Even his braces did not hinder his AMAZING SMILE or CONTAGIOUS LAUGH. It shined on! He was always helping others, carrying their books, joking and enjoying life, ALWAYS! As an athlete, his favorite numbers were 24, 68 and 77. He played flag football, Oxford Junior Wildcats and 7th grade football, Fed and O.R.B.A. baseball, track and was on the 8th grade basketball team. He also liked bowling and played on a father-son golf league. Thank goodness his golf game improved; it decreased the chance of flying golf clubs. Lacrosse was his next endeavor. He just couldn’t decide what his favorite sport was. Although he played a great goalie for Corey in the driveway, we are positive hockey was not his favorite sport.

As a true blue and gold Oxford Wildcat, Shane was proud of his school, strived for the Honor Roll, enjoyed football games, marched in Homecoming parades and was a fierce competitor in Master of the House. He wanted to be a teacher. He had a favorite tree at the bus stop because it was soft. He had friends with special needs. He befriended a sad girl on his bus. He lifted
many hearts and donated 7 of his organs to save 5 lives. He left an amazing impression on everyone who knew him and even with those who did not. With his unfortunate and untimely passing, this sweet child, our “Spirit Dancer” left us with his Smile. Every moment with Shane Philip Hrischuk was a gift! He has created a lot of love between our family, friends and community. We are all linked together by a common bond and he is forever in our hearts.





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